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At $410 million, Peace Corps is less than 1 percent of the International Affairs Budget and Represents less than 0.01 percent of federal spending.


For the third consecutive year, President Trump is recommending a reduction in funding for the Peace Corps. The president's request of $396 million for the agency in Fiscal Year 2020 would represent a slightly more than three percent cut in funding.

It has been more than 35 years since a president has proposed consistent cuts in Peace Corps funding to Congress.

The proposed reduction in Peace Corps spending was part of a much larger 24 percent cut to the nation's International Affairs Budget. The US Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) called those level of cuts "dangerous and disproportionate." Read the full USGLC statement here.

Taking Action for a Funding Increase

On February 28th, 125 NPCA advocates traversed Capitol Hill to meet with congressional offices and recommend $450 million for Peace Corps for the fiscal year that begins next October 1. Peace Corps has been operating for the past four fiscal years with a budget of roughly $410 million.

Nearly 1,000 messages have been sent to Congress so far during NPCA's National Days of Action.

Tell Congress to support strong Peace Corps funding and promote other pending legislation.

Our leaders need to hear that #PeaceCorpsMatters. Tell them how the federal investment in service is making a difference at home and abroad. To get started please register with your zip-code and E-mail share alerts specific to your representative or take matter into your own hands and contact your representative directly using one of the built in actions. Each action takes ~90 seconds to complete.



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