Volunteer Safety and Security

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The Peace Corps made a promise to protect and support Volunteers. Here’s what’s going on Congress that can help the Peace Corps to keep that commitment.

Contact Congress To Support Increased Health Care, Safety, and Secrity for Volunteers

Though the agency and Congress have made progress in improving the health, safety and security of Volunteers, much is left to be done. Several reforms are needed in the field, including greater crime risk reduction and access to well-qualified medical personnel. Back home, RPCVs with service-related illness and injury could benefit from having full agency involvement in diagnosis and treatment upon their immediate return, while those who face short or long-term disability deserve a higher level of worker’s compensation.

Status | Peace Corps health and safety legislation is now introduced in both chambers of Congress. While similar in many ways, the bills are not identical and differ on some key provisions. We are urging support of both the House legislation, H.R.2259, the Sam Farr Peace Corps Enhancement Act, and in the Senate, S. 2286 the Nick Castle Peace Corps Reform Act of 2018.